The income benefit riders on many FIAs get "singled out" for a particular feature. But our annuity gives you three key benefits, and two ways to get them!
2 ways to get a bonus:*

We credit the Protected Income Value with a 20% premium bonus on all premiums received in the first contract year. The Protected Income Value also receives an interest bonus equal to 50% of the interest credited from the chosen allocations.
2 ways to get an income increase:

You can get annual lifetime income withdrawal increases, based on earned interest and an interest bonus equal to 50% of the interest rate from your chosen allocation. Plus, you can double your withdrawal income if confined to an eligible hospital, nursing facility, or assisted living facility.**
2 ways to get a death benefit:

Your beneficiaries can receive the full accumulation value in a lump sum,*** or you can receive the full Protected Income Value as annuity payments over five years or more.